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Online British Conder Token Collections & Archived Conder Token Auction Catalogs

Archived Token Sales w/ Images and Prices Realized

(Links Updated: August, 2011)


Baldwin sale #46.  A smattering of some decent tokens from a somewhat older sale.

Davisson's Ltd Sale 29.  Some nice tokens here. The last link is to the PR list. 

1) British___world_coins__tokens.pdf

2) British_tokens.pdf

3) A29_prices_realized.pdf


Click here, type 'Conder' into the keyword field and see all Conder Tokens sold at Stacks.  
The Lake Michigan & Springdale Collections were auctioned by Stacks (then ANR) in June of 2006.  The first 189 lots of consisted of high grade Conder Tokens. The pieces from this sale begin toward the bottom of page 8 of the results



Some notable Conder Token sales in DNW's cabinet archive. (see the tokens drop down menu at the bottom right corner of the page.)  There are others to be seen



Click here then download the “tokens” pdf file to view the Conder tokens 
contained in Baldwin Auction #61 May 26th 2009. 



Münzen & Medaillen Auction 29 contained around 275 18th century tokens. Some decent pieces to be seen between lots 2875 and 3151


The W.J.Noble Collection of British Tokens Auction has become an indespensible reference for Conder Token Collectors. It took place in July of 1998 in Melborne Australia.  The sale contained 1989 lots of many high grade and rare Conders.  Not a few of those lots were multiple coin lots too! Copies of the printed catalog in very fine condition sell for about $150-$200. If you can get your hands on one I would recommend purchasing it. . . . or you could just view the catalog online.  There are a few lots (not many) that are imaged in the print catalog but not online.

Davisson's Ltd Sale 27.  This auction featured a nice collection of 18th century farthing tokens.  Most of the lots were desireable political/social pieces issued by Thomas Spence in the mid 1790's.  When you open the link each page of descriptions will be followed by a page of images.  A list of prices realized is also available from the homepage of the site

Spink Sale 8017 “Important British 18th Century Tokens." 285 Conder Tokens in all.  A lot of choice specimens and a number of rarities in this one! This link will take you to their auction archives. Scroll down to January 24, 2008 and click view.

Click here then download the “tokens” pdf file to view the Conder tokens 
contained in Baldwin Auction #52 September 25th 2007


Follow this link to view all of the archived sales of Conders at Heritage
Numismatic Auctions.  Many are recent!


Conder Collections

Yarm's conder token collection.  Excellent images of 200 plus choice tokens.  Simply awesome!
Yarm's Conder Tokens 

The Spingarn List
This page is a record of Joel Spingarn's fixed price list by which he sold his collection in 2001. The collection was quite advanced and contained over 500 tokens (common to extremely rare).  Some of these pieces were in very choice condition, other pieces are said to have been mishandled and thus impaired.  While this record does not contain the images that were originally issued with the list it is very useful as a value guide and reference for collectors. Spingarn, like myself (and possibly you too?), crossed over from collecting early American coinage. (N.B.) At the time of publishing these tokens were fairly priced, however, these prices are 8 years old so they are lower than today's values. 

Fitzwilliam Museum Colletion.  An extensive collection of 18th century tokens.  
Fitzwilliam Museum Colletion


Other Online Collections