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The Copper Corner

Bill McKivor is a numismatist specializing in British Tokens of the 17th 18th and 19th centuries.  Bill sells Conder tokens as well as other related material from his site and also issues a quarterly sales list via email. (N.B.) Many choice pieces are sold directly from the list and do not make it onto the website. The Copper Corner contains some wonderful images that are alone worth a visit.  He has a huge inventory so email him and request a copy of his latest list

Cheapside Tokens

Cheapsidetokens is a great place to find high grade Conders. It is operated by Jerry Bobbe and Larry Gaye who have many years of experience as collectors and dealers of 18th Century Provincial Token Coinage.All of the items in stock are imaged (and the pictures are great!). New material is added frequently and the site’s organization makes it very easy to find what you’re looking for.

Groll Coins

Gary Groll is another numismatist specializing in British Token Coinage of the 17th,18th and 19th centuries.  He maintains a very nice site with a wide variety of high-grade Conder Tokens. Much of his inventory is beautifully imaged.  Gary's last inventory update was recent and there is always a good amount of material to be had.

ABC Coins and Tokens

ABC coins and tokens, run by David Stuart, is located in Alnwick , England .  Click on the coin index to peruse the ABC inventory which is comprised of a wide variety of 17 th 18 th and 19 th century token coinage from around the UK . Nearly all of the stock is imaged (and very nicely so).  Check it out.

Coin Rarities Online

Dave Wnuck and John Agre own and operate Coin Rarities Online which boasts a large inventory of coinage, predominantly of American origin.  Occasionally, they will have a gemmy Conder Token for sale.  The only drawback is that the ask prices on such are typically quite strong, but then again when are the ask prices for gems not strong.  They sold a great example of Middlesex D&H 834 —End of Pain token....Man Hanging on a Gibbet / The Wrongs of Man Jany 21 , 1793 .  This piece looks to me as if it may have come from the David L. Spence collection auctioned by DNW in 2004-2005 (this piece from the 2005 sale).  Check out their coin archives to view the image. (I believe that it is the only Conder Token they sold to have been added to their archive.  They have sold many others though).



Ken Dorney Numismatics

Ken Dorney has a nice selection of  mid-grade Conder tokens available at this site.  Prices are very reasonable...all under $100.

Tony Fein Numismatics

Tony Fein currently has over 200 items in his token/medal inventory.  Many of these are mid-grade conders.  This has been updated fairly recently.

George Manz Coins

In addition to other numismatic items, George has a small stock of 17 th  18 th and 19 th century English Token Coinage.  Certainly worth a look.