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Baldwin is located in London. Conder Tokens can be found in their auctions from time to time. (view archived catalogs)

DNW holds at least one auction per year for British Token coinage.

Spink sales contain Conder Tokens from time to time. Their last sale dedicated soley to 18th Century 
Provincial Token Coinage took place in January of 2008 ( view this catalog)

Davisson's Ltd. Allan and Marnie Davisson organize some wonderful auctions.  They typically have one sale containing Conder Tokens per year.  The great thing about Davisson's . . . no buyer's fee!

 Ebay USA   This link will give you all listings under the search term "Conder"
Also try the word “condor” as many people still list 18th Century British Tokens under this mistaken name. 

 Ebay UK  18th Century British Token listings on the UK's Ebay. 

Heritage Numismatic Auctions usually has at least one token and medal auction per annum.  This is a link to their September 16, 2008 Token and Medal Auction.  There were some decent Conder tokens in this sale. (view archived catalogs)

Stacks occaisonally has sales with included Conder Tokens.  They have a few archived auctions that contain nicely imaged conders as well (view these catalogs)

Simmons holds mail bid auctions containing tokens.


Fall and Spring are token auction seasons.