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The Book You Need:

The Provincial Token-Coinage of the 18th Century, by Richard Dalton and Samuel Henry Hamer (1910-1918).


Dalton and Hamer's book has been published multiple times since its completion in 1918.  All editions of the book are essentially identical with the exception of an auxiliary addenda, included in the 1996 and 2004 reprints, containing some new discoveries compiled by Allan Davisson.  Prices for the 2004 reprint typically range from $200 - $250 with older editions (1960s, 1970s, 1990s) being found starting at around $150 and going up from there.  Despite the hefty price the book is certainly a worthwhile purchase as it contains images and descriptions for several thousand tokens.  Really any edition will serve your needs. Also, there is now a new reformatted digital version of the original DH book available.  It offers a pretty good discount over the hardcopy for those that have a hard time dropping big bucks on a book as well as some other benefits.


Option 1:   Charles Davis has a number of hardcopies of the book that can be had for $250 



Option 2 Reformatted digital copy at for $75.  The files are searchable by keywords or token numbers and also contain links that allow you to click-navigate the book.