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Originally a collector of Early American Coppers several years back I discovered 18th Century Provincial Token-Coinage and have been actively pursuing Conder Tokens ever since.

WHAT'S FOR SALE: will typically have a handful of choice Conder Tokens, early American Coppers and other coins available for purchase..
 Also, in the near future I hope to begin offering other Conder Token related material, such as important reference books, through this site.


The overall aim when creating this site was to make it as useful as possible to all Conder Token Collectors.
My hope for this site is two-fold:
1) That I will be able to help advance the collecting interests of my fellow numismatists as well as myself and 2) That this site will contribute to the ever expanding knowledge base of 18 th Century British Token-Coinage on the internet.


Thus, in addition to the offerings in my inventory:

  1. I have included links to the websites of some of the most reputable major Conder Token dealers with online inventories.  All of them have nice material.  It has also been my experience that all of them are friendly, honest and very helpful
  2. Though it is rare to encounter in the realm of Conders, I have seen a one or two coin dealers online that offer a spattering of Tokens at exorbitant prices  (None of which have made it onto my "Dealers" link page. As mentioned above, I promote only honest dealers).  Most often the shysters are not holding a significant stock of Conder Tokens, usually just one or two tokens,  but sometimes a few more.  They know what is popular and take advantage of the novice collector.  So avoid buying on impulse.  If you are uncertain about fair market prices and/or rarity I would do two things.
    • First, check out the "token images" link on this site.  There I have provided a list of ARCHIVED AUCTIONS that can serve as GENERAL PRICE GUIDES.  Some of these are very recent, a few months to one year old and the prices realized reflect current market trends (Spink, Baldwin,Heritage)  A few others are several years old and thus the prices realized will be a bit lower than current values (Noble Numismatic, Stacks).  Nevertheless, if you compare the prices of several pieces and get a feel for appreciation these older auction prices can still be useful to gauge whether or not something is reasonably priced.
    • Second, ask me or one of the dealers I have listed on the "Dealers" link page.   Myself or any of those guys will be more than happy to share our experience/advice.
    • Of course, always exercise caution when buying through ebay...check prices before you bid and ask questions.
  3. On the "Auctioneers" page  I have placed links to auction houses that typically have Conder Tokens in their sales.  Bits of information about any important upcoming sales are included.