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NEW INVENTORY  (December 3, 2012) Gary Groll has posted new conder token inventory on his site.


NEW INVENTORY  (November, 2012) Bill McKivor's November List is posted at his site.    Download his lists and send him an email or call to order:



*NEW INVENTORY  (November 13, 2011) Jerry and Larry have just begun to post some of their new tokens.  A number of new pieces and surely a bunch of others are on the way!



*FREE PRICE LIST  September 2011  Over 1300 records of tokens sold at auction + much more. Click here for more


*NEW INVENTORY  (January 18, 2011) Gary Groll has posted a long list of new inventory on his site. Plus he's redesigned the site and it's looking good!


*NEW INVENTORY  (January 11, 2011David Stuart of ABC Coins and Tokens has posted a ton of new Conder Token inventory on his site. Tons of neat stuff to be had there!




 NEW INVENTORY  (April 26, 2010) Gary Groll updated his website inventory AGAIN!!!  As always, he's got some interesting new material!


The second British-American Token CongressMay 2011  Charlottesville, VA.  Check out Gary Groll's website for additional info.  Four days of food, fun, fraternization, fascinating speakers and of course, the bourse.  It will surely be a blast!!!



Middlesex DH 520b 1796 Choice Unc

Hertfordshire DH 4  1794 Bronzed Proof - Choice Unc

Middlesex DH 718   1796 Choice Unc Spence Token.  FULL STRIKE and rare thus.  FREE BORN ENGLISHMAN / ASS TO BEAR THE FIRST PAIR.


CHEAPSIDE tokens NEW INVENTORY (Nov. 15, 2009)  Jerry and Larry have posted some nice new inventory on the Cheapside tokens site.  As always, there are some beautiful pieces.


GROLL NEW INVENTORY  (Oct, 2009) Gary Groll updated site inventory. He's got some interesting new material!


August 14th

There are a couple of new items in our inventory (Middx 520 and Middx 837.) Always very popular and  both are in excellent condition.  Check them out now!


Baldwin Auction 61

was held on the 26th of May.  Over 400 lots of tokens were available for viewing at the American Token Congress in Seattle, Washington on May 15

ABC Coins and Tokens

UPDATED conder token inventory was posted - late January***

Gary Groll

has updated his Conder Token inventory - late January***



My Aim . . .

when creating this site was to make it as useful as possible to all Conder Token Collectors.  Click the button to the left to browse our inventory.   


In addition to promoting my own inventory, I have included links to and accurate descriptions of some of the most notable (online) Conder auctions/sales within the past 10 years (thousands of high resolution Conder Token images and realized prices). You'll also find a number of links to dealers with "current and updated" online inventories.

On the "Auctioneers" page of this site there are direct links to all listing for "Conder" on Ebay US and UK. In addition, when, on occasion, there is an exceptionally desirable token or a rarity listed on Ebay (US,UK,AU,CA) I will try to provide notice in the "What's New " section of this homepage.
A bit about me . . .

I am a numismatist specializing in 18th Century British tokens.  Over the years I have developed a very strong passion for Conder Tokens. Like many others, I fell in love with the series because of the variety and quality that it offers.


As with most Conder token specialists of American origin,  I spent many years as a student of Early American Coppers.  Along my journey down the EAC path I began to delving into 18th Century Provincial Token-Coinage.  In a very short time I found myself engulfed in the process of broadening my understanding of the circumstances and issues surrounding the messages cointained in these tokens. I have been actively studying and pursuing Conder Tokens ever since.